Inspiration is a 2 Way Street

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Melissa Berschens

If you’ve read my book or heard me speak, you know that I am open and vocal about my Christian faith. I know that this may make some people feel uncomfortable, but my faith is a huge part of who I am and I’m eager to share God’s good news! If you bought my book or came to hear me speak, you expect to get the real me, don’t you?

And judging from the responses I get from readers of my book and people who have heard me speak, the thing that most inspires them is what I share about my faith.

Here are just a few of the many comments I've received:

Thank you for your courage to share your story. What an amazing testimony you have. I LOVE that you are sharing your faith and love of God through your business…. Such an amazing thing to see what God does when we lay it down ~ Thank you again for sharing your heart with us today..

My husband heard you speak yesterday and he bought me your book. I have cried several times and am feeling such incredible emotions surging from my soul. I love your quote, John 4:4! I want the Spirit to shine, but I live in such fear that paralyzes me! I have supportive and encouraging people all around me, now I just need to walk into the light. I thank you for your words that are touching my soul as I write! I am on page 45, but I felt the need to write to you, right now!

Thank you, I hope to connect with you. Wow... I was very moved by your story … your heart, tenacity and story are something that I am interested in promoting. I'm reading your book & am greatly inspired. My daughter & I re-launched our small home kitchen based chocolate candy business before Valentine's this year. When I saw your book on the rack, I was simply drawn to it. It's a delight to just read and dream possibilities. You are a great writer with a great true story. I'm really inspired. Thanks

I wanted to tell you the story about how I ran across your book. It was definitely divine intervention. I was in Barnes and Nobles trying to find some information on a paper I had for due for class. I wasn't having much luck in the cooking section so I decided to go over to the business section and maybe locate some reference materials. As I was looking in the restaurant section I saw a brown book that jumped out at me. I picked it up and said wow this looks interesting, but put it back because I was pressed for time. When I heard “It’s closing time” something told me to stop and see what that book was about. I had just enough time to read the inside front and back flaps. What really caught my attention was when I read that God was your best business partner and faith and street smarts can sometimes be better than a college degree. I bought the book and as I waited for a friend to go out that evening, I read the acknowledgements and Introduction. I couldn't put the book down as I read more about how you acknowledge God and your faith. It almost bought me to tears. I felt like I was reading about myself.

Thank you so much for taking the time yesterday and participating in the FM WIN conference. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sign 425 books. The attendees were thrilled to receive your autographed books. Everyone really enjoyed your session and were very inspired by your story. The lovely strawberries were a big hit and a sweet ending to the conference.

I just read your book and I loved it. The story about your dad and the lemonade stand was hilarious I lol. You have really inspired me to go forward with a small business idea I have and to create a fun novelty item which I would like to appear on shark tank someday. I love your business sense and style.

I am so happy that my story inspires others. I am honored that they feel this way. But really the inspiration goes both ways – I am inspired when I read their stories too. I am grateful that they share them with me. My faith grows even stronger every time they do. I'm constantly told by total strangers that they "couldn't put the book down," or that they "read it in a day." (Although the book is written with a woman’s slant, even guys say this.) Although God is present throughout the book, no one has complained.