Even Books Are Better Dipped in Chocolate

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Melissa Berschens

Did you know that you are able to buy my book Berried in Chocolate literally berried in chocolate? Yes, it’s true. For an extra $10 my book is available dipped in rich dark chocolate, just like my strawberries are!

The first time I held my printed book in my hands I thought, “It’s so beautiful, but too bad my publisher couldn’t do the cover as a “scratch ‘n’ sniff” – or better yet, make it taste like chocolate, just like the lickable wallpaper in my favorite movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!”

Well, my publisher Pelican Publishing does a great job, but that was beyond them. But it’s not beyond me! I double shrink-wrap the book for protection and then hand dip it in a thick layer of real dark chocolate that is extra cocoa-ey. The chocolate leaves the book title and giant berry somewhat exposed, but the rest of the book front and the entire back is covered with chocolate. What a great gift idea! The recipient can read my book and eat my chocolate at the same time.

Isn’t it cute?


All chocolate-dipped books are pre-autographed in gold pen. You can buy them here on my website.  Or you can come and hear me speak at one of my speaking events and buy one there – but beware, they often sell out fast!

I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen a chocolate-dipped book before. People thought my chocolate-dipped wine was strange at first too, but it was a big hit with my customers, and I think the chocolate-dipped book will be too. Who cares if people think I’m strange, as long as they like what I provide?