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There is no Shari at Shari’s Berries – is it David and Goliath all over again?

Shari Fitzpatrick has a proverbial sling in her pocket and is not afraid to use it. Her new online business has launched: “Berried in Chocolate – We wrote the book on gourmet dipped strawberries.”

Sacramento, CA (December 10, 2013)—The feeling a person gets when a favorite restaurant closes; the disappointment in feeling that perfect dessert will never be found again, is what Shari’s thousands of customers felt since realizing there is no “Shari” at Shari’s Berries. The premium, fresh hand dipped chocolate strawberries cannot be found there. The company that owns Shari's Berries now, is a big (Goliath) corporation that owns many online companies and mass produces the product with machines. Shari Fitzpatrick lost her business years ago, and the name Shari is still associated with a company that has no affiliation to the woman personally. The high demand for Fitzpatrick's premium hand dipped products led to the proverbial sling being pulled from her pocket. Shari created a new online business called Berried In Chocolate - "We wrote the book on gourmet dipped strawberries" which has now launched.

“Don't be confused. There is no Shari there anymore. You have to leave Shari’s to come back to Shari! Now people can order their berries from me again, at = original premium hand-dipped berries just in time for the holidays,” says Fitzpatrick. “One of the main reasons I have been encouraged to start selling berries again is because of the high demand for my original fresh hand dipped premium products. People want the best when sending a special gift. The majority of past customers don't realize that what they are ordering today through Shari’s Berries are not the chocolate covered berries and other products that I produced and sold for over 22 years," she continued. Fitzpatrick still dips everything in chocolate - strawberries, other berries, even her premium private label wine: Shari's Grand Reserve. She also dips her book, “Berried In Chocolate – How I Built a Multimillion-Dollar Business and How You Can Too” which is where the name for the new business came from.

“There are a few gourmet strawberry companies out there, even one you may have tried called Shari’s Berries. You won’t find Shari there. The only way you’ll receive Shari’s original, fresh, hand dipped, delectable berries is through her new online company, the best chocolate covered strawberries you can find on the planet,” said Winnie Comstock, Publisher of Comstock Magazine. Shari Strawberry, as the founder is nicknamed, has found a blessing in the legal jargon of losing the business, as no non-compete clause exists with the company that bought it. Fitzpatrick can market that she is the “Shari” of Shari’s Berries. It is the truth, and the history of the original 'berry'. One of Shari’s Berries' customers was thrilled to find out that the real Shari was back. “With large corporations come streamlining, budget cuts, and bean counters take over. The customer gets lost, which is the case with Shari’s Berries today. I was happy to hear the real Shari is bringing back her original product in launching,” said Robert Adamson.

About "Berried in Chocolate™ We Wrote the Book on Gourmet Dipped Chocolate": Shari’s original premium hand dipped berries and unique chocolate creations are now exclusively, once again available under the new Berried in Chocolate (label) brand which is now only online at Other than carrying the name, the current Shari’s Berries company, has absolutely no connection what-so-ever to the product produced by Shari Fitzpatrick under the Berried in Chocolate label. Today, Shari Fitzpatrick has a triangle of business (product) efforts that all complement each other—speaking, her chocolate strawberry gift line that includes her book, and sales of a private label wine Shari’s Grand Reserve (both can be purchased dipped in chocolate). For over 24 years, Shari’s story and her creations have attracted international attention through appearances in O Magazine, on the Today Show, The Apprentice, In Style Magazine, People Magazine, The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, QVC and Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul, and many speaking engagements. For more information on Shari, or to book her for your next event, visit