I'm Not the Only One

Posted on October 08, 2013 by Melissa Berschens

Today I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about his experience working with the new owners of my old brand. He was upset that they wanted his endorsement for free and tried to get it in an underhand way. The new SB owners had cancelled their advertising on Limbaugh’s show during a recent controversy, loudly expressing their shock and outrage – and then changed their mind when the fuss died down and asked to come back. When Rush wouldn’t let them come back, they continued to advertise using the special “RUSH” discount code on their website. You can learn more about this at: External Link

Hmm, this sounds familiar! I also was misled and duped by these new owners (see my earlier post of August 29, 2011 for more details). If Rush Limbaugh could get worked over by these guys, it’s not surprising that I didn’t have much of a chance to protect what was mine.

In an earlier post I wrote about the poor quality products being shipped under my old brand, the quality brand I worked … and worked … and worked … to build. It’s not just bad berries, either. I believe that the company who bought me out and now owns my old brand has tarnished my reputation for honesty and integrity too.

I’ve read that their customers have complained about hidden shipping costs, funky promotions and additional fees added onto “specials.” And it’s not just customers – sponsors like Rush Limbaugh have been misled too.

Rush sampled MY berries way back in 1997 and thought they were great (I have the handwritten note from him to prove it!)



In 2010 SB contracted to advertise on Limbaugh’s radio show Rush Limbaugh, and I bet he never knew that the script he read was no longer true. He read that the berries were hand dipped and they’re not. That they are shipped overnight and they're not. (without an extra fee) He talked about the entrepreneurial spirit and how SB was an example of a small business making good – although the company under their new owners does not really fit that definition.  


So Rush – do you know the berries you were pushing aren’t what you thought they were, and you were misleading your listeners?