Shari's Speaking

"She was a hit! Her nearly 25 years of experience in business; losing and starting over was clearly a sweet inspiration for all attendees…funny motivational speaker and her famous chocolate dipped strawberries; one for each attendee was a jewel for us…meaningful, authentic and insightful!” – just a few comments from meeting planners and conference organizers across the country who chose Shari as their keynote speaker for their event.

Shari brings great energy, is a master storyteller, and ignites inspiration that brings people to their feet. Turning tragedy she has experienced in business into triumph and teaching others to do the same has resulted in corporations and associations asking her back again and again. A funny motivational speaker: energy, laughter, interaction, customization, delicious surprises await that you can use to transform your business and your life. Information can be used immediately to accelerate careers, inside corporate America, for the entrepreneur, academia and Christian women platforms. Delivered in a package that is entertaining and fun - she's a "meeting planner's dream."

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     “Your story “wowed” our team! You connected your passion with our industry and motivated everyone!” - Paul Porter, President, Premier Pools

      “The attendees were amazed; your talk was all the rage” - Brian Sharp, Go BIG Company

      “One of our brightest and most effective professional speakers!" - Matt Upton, President, NSA/NC National Speakers Association, San Fransisco Chapter 

      “Shari teaches us that wisdom and success can be won in the process of living your dream” - Julie Ziglar Norman, Daughter of Zig Ziglar

      “Shari personifies the characteristics of successful entrepreneurship.” - Jim McCann, CEO 1-800 Flowers

      “The attendees were thrilled and were very inspired by your story!” - Tammy Cyphert Intel FM WIN conference team

      “Your faith gave me hope to keep pushing towards my goals.” -  Emma Cruz, Spark and Hustle Women’s Conference, San Francisco, CA

      “You were the feather in our cap and the savior of the day!  The women who came to hear you speak were inspired, impressed and empowered.”  - Kimberly Vaughan Executive Producer - Modesto Women's Expo

      “Your message hit home, our staff is still talking about it. You made an impact!” - James Kelly Vice President - Valley First Credit Union

      “You were a hit! Your story resonated with what they were facing in their businesses; your words gave them hope and courage. Thank you for keeping the room engaged...they asked for more! Well done!” - Aric Resnicke, Founder - Christian Business Roundtable

      “Shari ‘hit’ the mark, her ‘real’ life experiences are invaluable and cannot be captured through a textbook.” - Dr. Hatton, California State University, Sacramento

      “Shari had our students totally focused and locked in during the entire presentation.” - Dr. John Jackson, President, William Jessup University