Book with One Dozen Fancy Berries

A full dozen assorted fresh, chocolate covered strawberries and a copy of Shari’s Berried in Chocolate book! Your berries will be hand dipped in rich dark chocolate, creamy milk and dreamy white confection. Decorated with dark chocolate sprinkles, coconut, and almonds. This is our founder Shari Fitzpatrick’s original assortment!!!

Our luxurious chocolate dipped strawberries arrive in a classy gift box that was designed by Shari herself!

Classic Fancy Assortment includes two of each flavor. 

-About the book:

Imagine something you love to do. Now imagine making your living doing just that. With Berried in Chocolate, Shari Fitzpatrick inspires all would-be entrepreneurs to take the plunge and turn their passions into profits. Fitzpatrick realized early on that it was more important for her to be happy and enjoy her work than to simply chase a paycheck doing something that failed to bring her joy. With no business education or experience, twenty-five-year-old Fitzpatrick had only a $1,500 cash advance and a passion for chocolate-dipped strawberries when she started a home-based business.

Shari’s Book has a dozen chapters, each one covers a different lesson she learned while turning her passion into to a thriving business. Each chapter includes a recipe and food story including a great chocolate covered strawberries recipe!

Are you a visual person? Watch this video and let Shari teach you how to make your own chocolate covered strawberries at home!



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