One Dozen Original Fancy Berries

A full dozen assorted fresh, chocolate covered strawberries that have been hand dipped in Chocolaty Dark, Creamy Milk and Dreamy White confection and decorated with dark chocolate sprinkles, coconut, and almonds. This is our founder Shari Fitzpatrick’s original assortment!!!
Our luxurious chocolate dipped strawberries arrive in a classy gift box.
Classic Fancy Assortment  includes two of each:
  1. Chocolaty Dark w/Dark Chocolate Sprinkles
  2. Creamy Milk with White Swizzle
  3. Creamy Milk with Almonds
  4. Dreamy White with Coconut
  5. Dreamy White with Dark Chocolate Swizzle
  6. Half White/Half Chocolaty Dark*

*Did you know that this Half and Half design was created by Shari’s husband Clay? Today, our competitor machine dips their berries so therefore aren’t able to offer Shari’s unique and always hand made famous Half and Half design!

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